San Francisco Tours

There’s a lot to see in San Francisco. Tours are available all over the “City by the Bay,” and with good reason. From the Fisherman’s Wharf to AT&T Park to San Francisco’s historic neighborhoods, this is a city rich in scenery and history. It’s impossible to see it all in one shot, and you shouldn’t even try. This is a city to be enjoyed. One leisurely way to take in a lot of this city’s charms in just a couple of hours is with San Francisco boat tours.

Take a Boat Tour of San Francisco

Bay area boat tours are a great way to take advantage of the city’s location on the glorious San Francisco Bay. So many great San Francisco sights are visible from the bay or even in the bay itself, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

And you can see so much more in a short time with bay tours. San Francisco is a big place, and trying to see everything on foot could take a long time. On a San Francisco Bay area boat tour, however, you get to see some of San Francisco’s most iconic sights from the luxurious comfort of a cruise ship deck, with plenty of time to take pictures or video or just enjoy soaking in the scenery as you float by.

Booking Bay Area Boat Tours

If you’re currently planning your next trip to San Francisco, or you’re already in the city but don’t have your touring itinerary finalized yet, adding a boat tour in San Francisco is just about as easy as can be. You’ll see a variety of options for San Francisco boat tours on our website.

All you have to do is click the big red button next to the tour you like best, fill out the form that pops up, and you’re on your way. These bay area cruises are run by experienced professionals to give you the ideal bay area boat tours experience. We even provide audio tour information in over a dozen languages for international tourists, from Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi to French, German, Italian, Spanish and many more. Ready to see the San Francisco Bay in a whole new way? Book passage on a San Francisco Bay area boat tour today.