The family-owned Red and White Fleet is always looking for highly motivated and qualified individuals who are passionate about sharing San Francisco’s rich cultural fabric and historic landmarks with visitors to the City by the Bay. We consider ourselves unique in the Bay Area’s cruise tour industry because our employees really matter and are encouraged to take ownership in everything they do. Above and beyond, the crew’s sense of value transcends financial goals. Additionally, Red and White Fleet’s objectives to cultivate community, preservation of local history, and incorporate environmental sustainability are all important factors in the commitment the company has with its entire staff.

Please tell us about yourself, what type of work experience you have, and where you see yourself contributing to our organization. We have a team of hardworking employees in a variety of different positions covering the following departments:

  • Guest Services (Ticket Agents, Customer Service Agents, Photography Agents, and Bartenders)
  • Engineering and Maintenance Vessel Operations
  • Director of Sales – (Current Opening): 

    Job Duties:

    The Director of Sales is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Sales department at Red and White Fleet.

    – Evaluate and make price recommendations including producing cost, selling cost, social cost, net rate models, contracting and budgeting;

    – Determine appropriate distribution and sales channels;

    – Establish and manage industry accounts (to include account names and pricing);

    – Participate in local Consumer Shows;

    – Responsible for all aspects of call center and phone tree;

    – Collaborate with HR and Operations Management to Recruit and hire for jobs within the Sales Department;

    – Assist management in providing ongoing coaching and development of sales personnel;

    – Support reservation processes, charter management/contracting material;

    – Monitor performance quality and improvement;

    – Set up products and price points to assure accurate transfers of data into accounting software;

    – Establish client account data to assure accurate transfers of data into accounting software;

    – Identify key sales-related information for communication to appropriate staff, including product information, pricing or capacity changes, special promotions, and particular (industry) client arrangements;

    – Collaborate with Operations Management in assuring the communication of key sales-related information to appropriate staff;

    – Assist in planning and coordinate training programs for Sales staff.

    Minimum Requirements:

    Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Marketing and two years of Sales experience.

    Skills including:

    * Advanced knowledge of ticketing systems; and,

    * Advanced knowledge of Net Rate Agreements and Wholesale contracts.

    OES Code: 11-2022 (Sales Manager)

    Prevailing Wage: $78,666 year; Level 1

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